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How Does Endoxan Work for Lupus Nephritis

2014-05-27 07:33

How Does Endoxan Work for Lupus NephritisBecause estrogen affects the onset of Lupus Nephritis, this disease is more common in women of childbearing age than men. To manage Lupus Nephritis or its underlying cause, SLE, endoxan may be used. This medication is also called cytoxan or cyclophophamide. How does endoxan treat Lupus Nephritis? What side effects it may make?

Do you have a similar puzzle?

Once one young man has consulted us that his wife, 27 years old, was labeled with SLE and developed into Lupus Nephritis. The doctor advice them for endoxan, but he was afraid that this medication will directly affect his wife’s fertility. He wants to know whether it is possible to have a baby after dose of endoxan and whether they have other treatment options.

The therapeutic effects of endoxan for Lupus Nephritis

Endoxan is one kind of medication known as cytotoxic agent that is used commonly to kill cancer cells. In addition, this medication also has the effect of suppressing immune system, so as to prevent inflammatory reaction. Both Lupus Nephritis and SLE are autoimmune disorders that can be controlled by immunosuppressive agents. Therefore, endoxan can help slow down the progress of Lupus Nephritis and ease patients’ symptoms.

Does endoxan affect patients’ fertility?

Since this drug works by curbing patients’ immune respond, it will cause some adverse reactions as follows easily.

- Nausea and vomiting

- Hair loss and skin changes

- Poor appetite

- Infections

- Delayed wound healing

- Infertility

Now, we can know endoxan does affect women’s ability to get pregnant. If you are at childbearing age, this must be one your big concern. Fortunately, endoxan isn’t patients’ only choice. Some other options can help control Lupus Nephritis by not affecting patients’ fertility.

Blood Pollution Therapy and Immunotherapy for Lupus Nephritis

Both of these therapies have been used maturely to treat Lupus Nephritis, through eliminating immune complexes out of the body, regulating immune system and repairing damaged kidney cells. To give you a personalized advice, I need to know more about your illness condition. You can send your latest test report or illness description to or in the below form. I will help you develop an effective treatment plan.

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