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Service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Consultation service

Consultation service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

International Kidney Disease Center can guarantee patients high-quality service. Patients from all over the world can get their answers from our online experts for free of charge. We will try our best to help them know how serious their illness conditions are and help them to manage symptoms or complications they are suffering from. Our team is professional in this field and every member here, including online experts, assistants, and doctors are always ready to help patients solve their various problems.

We have achieved a great success over the past four years. More than 1000,000 patients have got help from us, and over 10,000,000$ is saved for global medical expense. Among those patients, more than 15,000 dying patients and over 90,000 of them are either saved or well treated to delay the progression of renal disease. Now, more and more people are willing to receive treatments here.

We provide service by the following ways:

1. Online articles

We gather questions the patients ask or search online. Then we analyze their conditions and give them professional suggestions. Information about the treatment, symptoms, prognosis and life expectancy, foods and drinks, family and life of the kidney disease, all can be found in these articles.

2. Doctor online

Patients can talk with our doctors directly with total free charge. If online service is unavailable, patients can also leave a message to us, and we will reply within 24 or 48 hours.

3. Email, phone call, and video chat

Patients can leave to us any of his or her contact information. We will keep in touch with patients. Moreover, we also ensure their information is strictly confidential, so they need not to worry about the privacy.

All stuff here are very glad that we can do the patients a favor. We are appreciate the patients’ cooperation so that we can provide more efficient, professional and high-quality service.

Visa, Invitation letter service

Visa, Invitation letter service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Apart from all the professional and sincere staff, we also have the most advanced facilities, and all these are available in China. If the patients cannot get good treatment in local, they can come here.

International Kidney Disease Center is located in China. So if patients would like to China for treatment. Therefore, a visa is needed first.

About that, we have gained great support from Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City government.

1. Under the support of Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City government, we can help patients get an official invitation letter issued by Chinese government. So there will be no problem for getting visa to China. China Embassy will not reject the visa.

2. Meanwhile, we will issue International Kidney Disease Center Invitation letter. It will be enough to apply visa. Before that, patients need to send us the passport copy for issuing invitation letter.

3. If patient's visa expired during the hospitalization, we will help to extend the visa time.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

International Kidney Disease Center is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province (Near To Beijing). Find us on Google Map.

Patient can choose any of the following travel plans:

Plan 1. You can fly to Beijing Airport(PEK-BEIJING)check the flight to PEK-BEIJING, and then we can pick you up in Beijing Airport or you can come to International Kidney Disease Center by train.

Plan 2. You can fly to Shijiazhuang Airport(SJW-SHIJIAZHUANG) via Guangzhou Airport(GAN-GUANGZHOU)check the flight to GAN-GUANGZHOU or Shanghai Airport(SHA-SHANGHAI)check the flight to SHA-SHANGHAI, and then we can pick you up in Shijiazhuang Airport

After you order the tickets, please inform us timely, so we can prepare the room and car in advance.

Note: if patient's disease is serious, we will pick up the patient by ambulance.

When the patient is discharged from hospital after recovery, our staff will see off the patient at airport.

Hospitalization Service

Hospitalization Service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

On the first day of arrival, we will do a basic for the patient. Then we make the proper procedure based on the test report.

1. On the second day, we will give detailed series of tests, including some cutting-edge special tests so as to know more detailed information about the patient's disease condition.

2.After the test report come out, we will hold a meeting to analyze the patient’s condition and make a specific treatment plan. Then doctors will explain the treatment plan to patients in details, making sure that patients how will they be treated here. With the agreement of the patient, treatment will be conducted.

3. Nurses and doctors then conduct the treatment, following the guidance of the plan. Doctors will see patients in routine daily. If there is any problem or questions, doctors are available at any time.

4. As the treatment progresses, doctors will tell patients how well they are recovering. In addition, doctors tell patients how to take care of themselves and inform them some knowledge of disease.

5. Some tests will be done to let patients know the treatment effects and recovery progress. Treatment plan may be changed according to the recovery of the patients. Doctors will tell patients the changes in advance.

6. After patient get good recovery and discharge from hospital, doctors will follow up the patient’s condition for whole life and give some timely guidances.

Accompany Service

Accompany Service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

If patients want to go out for shopping or a shot distance travel. Our work stuff. Most of whom are private nurses, will accompany with them to make sure they can get good health care in travel.

Sometimes, we will also hold a party for patients or make delicious Chinese food for patients. We do these just want to make the patient feel at home and help them build the confidence to defeat the disease.

Tour Service

Tour Service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Some of the patients or their family member and friends may want to visit some places. In that case, our staff can help patients make a good tour plan and give them suggestions. Sometimes, our stuff can accompany with patients to nearby tourist attraction. We want to make them feel at home and we are not only doctors but also their friends. This picture is The Berlin temple, our work stuff and patients had been there.

Translation Service

Translation Service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

International communication here is of no problem, even though so many patients coming from more than 60 countries are in International Kidney Disease Center for treatment. We have translators of English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian.

Follow-up Service

Follow-up Service in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Besides hospitalization, patients also need a good care in the future is case of the progression of disease.

Follow-up service includes:

1. Direct patients to do necessary test to monitor the disease.

2. Give treatment suggestions.

3. Give daily health care guidance, including diet and exercise.

4. Supply necessary medicines and treatment equipments.











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