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Normal-size Kidneys With Diffuse Parenchymal Disease

2014-11-15 06:03

Normal-size Kidneys With Diffuse Parenchymal DiseaseMany kidney disorders may enlarge or shrink the kidneys. However, what does it mean that patients have normal-size kidneys with Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Disease?

What is renal parenchyma?

Renal parenchymal occupy most of the space of kidneys. It contains two layers. The outside layer is “renal cortex”, and the inside part is “ renal medulla”, including glomeruli and renal tubules where filtration and urine formation occur.

Definition of Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Disease

Renal Parenchymal Disease appears and scarring or sclerosis in the renal parenchyma. It is the most common cause of secondary hypertension, accounting for 2.5% to5.0% of all cases.

“Diffuse” meas the the damaged area is very large. If you have normal-size kidneys, you are lucky, because your kidneys can still work adequately. However, it does not mean you have no need to worry about it, since this kidney disease is associated with some symptoms that will aggravate your illness condition.

Symptoms of Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Disease

● Sleepiness, fatigue, yellow skin, poor appetite.

● Swelling in the eyes, legs or even the general body.

● Urine changes such as foamy urine, red, dark brown or cola=colored urine.

● Kidney pain

● High blood pressure

Treatment options for Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Disease

Foot Bath Therapy

This therapy is a combination of warm foot bath and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To have a warm foot bath is a tradition health care in daily life. The health benefits of it can include relieving fatigue, providing relaxation, ease muscle cramps, fending off chills, and so on.

As for patients with Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Disease, they can also benefits from this new therapy. On one hand, the warm water can expand the tiny blood vessels on the feet. On the other hand, the active ingredients of the medicines can work on the feet, stimulation various meridians on the feet to improve the whole blood circulation.

As a result, more oxygen and blood can be supplied for the kidneys and they can repair themselves effectively.

Foot Bath is just one of the therapies in our hospital. Other treatments, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, and so on are also widely used.

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