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Can Ginseng Treat Renal Parenchymal Disease

2014-06-30 06:01

Can Ginseng Treat Renal Parenchymal DiseaseGinseng has been well known as “the king of the herbs” since a long time ago. It is also highly treasured by many people since it is hard to get and is of rich nutritions. Since ginseng has so many benefits, can it be taken to treat renal parenchymal disease? Let’s see what are the effect of ginseng on kidney disease.

1. Reduce high creatinine level

Elevated creatinine level is a common symptom of kidney disease patients. Because the kidneys are damaged with parenchymal disease, they cannot filter wastes and toxins effectively. Ginseng contains the properties that are diuretic. Therefore, patients with parenchymal disease are recommended to eat ginseng, because it can increase their urine output so that more creatinine can be discharged by kidneys.

2. Improve anemia

Renal parenchymal disease patients may feel weak and dizzy sometimes, and it is because they have anemia. As the kidneys are damaged, they cannot produce enough EPO (erythropoietin), which promote the generation of red blood cells. Without enough red blood cells, oxygen supply can not meet the needs of the body, so patients always feel tired. Ginseng is very helpful for enhancing the hematopoietic function so as to improve anemia.

3. Enhance the immunity

With more wastes and toxins accumulate inside the body, the normal immune system is disordered and patients have a low immunity. Bacteria and virus easily invade the body and cause various infections, which in turn damage the kidneys. What’s more, medicines that patients with renal parenchymal disease also cause some side effects that can lower the immunity. Ginseng can boost the immunity by increasing the number of serum antibody.


High blood pressure in patients with renal parenchymal disease are not recommended to eat ginseng, because it will worsen the situation. Meanwhile, how much and how often the patients can eat ginseng should be based on their own illness condition.

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