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Treatment for Cortical Cyst and Grade 2 Renal Parenchymal Disease

2015-02-01 06:38

Treatment for Cortical Cyst and Grade 2 Renal Parenchymal DiseaseIt is not rare Grade 2 Renal Parenchymal Disease followed by cortical cyst. If the cortical cyst is small, it may not cause kidney damage. Treatment should include controlling symptoms and repairing the damaged renal tissues.

How to control symptoms?

To achieve that goal, you may have to take methods from two aspects: dietary changes and medications. Since I do not know your specific condition, I cannot give you detailed suggestions. I would like to introduce you with a general introduction.

Dietary changes

Grade 2 Renal Parenchymal Disease patients are required to take a low-sodium and low-protein foods because they will produce wastes, burdening the kidneys.

In addition, people with cortical cyst should also avoid spicy and greasy foods. Alcohol and smoking should also be stayed away.


Medications are prescribed by the doctors to relieve symptoms or the causes of Renal Parenchymal Disease. Factors that can cause this kidney disease might include high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney cyst and some auto-immune diseases (lupus, IgA Nephropathy).

You must be very careful about the dosage, since long term of certain medicines may cause renal damage.

Improve kidney function

No matter which type of kidney disease, it leads to symptoms due to the the damage renal tissues. Healthy kidneys have the function of filtering wastes and toxins, remove excess fluid, regulate blood pressure, producing EPO and activate vitamin D, etc. When the functioning parts are damaged, wastes build up in the body, attacking many organs and systems.

Our therapies based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and aim at improving blood circulation, improving ischemia and anoxia inside the kidneys. Therefore, the kidneys can get enough volume and oxygen to repair the damage tissues. As long as the remaining kidney function can be protected and enhanced, all symptoms can be completely relieved and kidney disease can be treated from the root.

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