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Is High Blood Pressure a Symptom of Renal Parenchymal Disease

2014-10-28 10:02

Is High Blood Pressure a Symptom of Renal Parenchymal DiseaseRenal Parenchymal Disease is the most common cause of secondary high blood pressure. This symptom can in turn aggravate this kidney disease. To know the causes can help you and your doctor take appropriate treatment so as to prolong your lifespan.

How does renal parenchymal disease elevate your blood pressure?

Renal parenchymal disease include maladies that damage the outermost internal region of the kidney where filtration and urine formation occur. Lupus, bacterial infections, diabetes and high blood pressure, along with kidney stone can traumatize delicate tissue.

There are two mechanisms of High blood pressure:

● Water-sodium retention

Impaired kidneys cannot handle sodium and water balance, leading to water-sodium retention. This condition will increase the blood volume, thus raising the blood pressure.

● Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system

Increase blood volume can stimulate the kidneys secrete more renin, which will induce the starting of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, so blood pressure are raised.

● Increased vascular resistance

Reduced GFR (glomerular filtration rate) can lead to increased secretion of PTH (parathyrin) and insulin, both of which will narrow the blood vessels, so that they can make the vascular resistance increased, thus leading to hypertension.

How to control high blood pressure with renal parenchymal disease?

You must have got a general understanding why high blood pressure occur in renal parenchymal disease. Then, it is not difficult for you to understand that the key of lowering high blood pressure is to repair the damaged kidney tissues. As long as the kidney function can be improved, all the symptoms of renal parenchymal disease can be relieved.

Here, I strongly recommend you to take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy innovated from Traditional Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been widely used because of its safety and effectiveness. By expanding blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extracelluar matrix, it can improve ischemia and anoxia in the kidneys so as to supply enough blood and oxygen for repairing renal tissues.

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