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Signs and Symptoms for Renal Parenchymal Echogenicity

2014-10-13 05:58

Signs and Symptoms for Renal Parenchymal EchogenicityRenal parenchymal echogenicity in an ultrasound test always indicates some kidney problems such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), glomerulonephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), kidney cysts, kidney stones and many other kidney diseases can cause renal parenchymal echogenicity. Under this condition, patients may experience some signs or symptoms. The following is a general introduction. For your specific problem, you can email to or consult our doctors online directly.

● Swelling

At the early stage, swelling is slight and occurs on eyes or eyelids. In some serious cases, swollen face, hands, legs and feet can be seen. This is caused by damaged kidneys that cannot maintain water balance.

● Anemia

Our kidneys also have the function of producing EPO (erythropoietin) which is very important for the generation of red blood cells. If the kidneys are damaged, anemia may happen as a result of lack of red blood cells that is caused by erythropoietin deficiency.

Anemia can lead to pale or yellow skin, fatigue, sleepiness, muscle weakness or cramps, etc.

● Urinary changes

The most common function of kidneys is producing urine to keep water balance of the body. When they fail to function well, they will cause some urinary changes, such as frequent and urgent urine, reduced urine amount, color and odors changes. Foamy and bubbly urine is related to proteinuria. Red, dark brown or tea-colored urine is related to hematuria.

● High blood pressure

It can be caused by water-sodium retention or high proteinuria. This situation can cause further kidney damage.

The above listed are the general symptoms when kidneys are damaged. In some cases, patients may experience some other issues. You’d better do a urine and blood test or kidney biopsy. Then you doctors can give you right treatment.

You can also leave a message below for suggestions from us. We treat kidney disease by natural Chinese herbs.

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