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Renal Parenchymal Disease With Creatinine 4.9

2014-08-03 07:06

Renal Parenchymal Disease With Creatinine 4.9Renal Parenchymal Disease is a condition in which the outermost internal region of the kidney is damaged. This part includes the elements of organs that create urine. With the abnormal urine output, the Renal Parenchymal Disease results in high creatinine. This article is about the causes and treatment of creatinine 4.9 in Renal Parenchymal Disease.

How does creatinine 4.9 occur in Renal Parenchymal Disease?

Renal Parenchymal Disease in a kind of chronic kidney disease and can be caused by Lupus, bacterial infections, diabetes and high blood pressure, along with kidney stones. Millions of nephrons lie within the renal parenchymal area of each kidney. The nephrons contain arterioles, or small blood vessels, known as glomeruli. The glomeruli filter some wastes and toxins like creatinine and blood urea nitrogen. When the renal parenchymal is damaged, the glomeruli cannot filter creatinine adequately, causing an elevation of the creatinine. That’s why creatinine 4.9 occurs in Renal Parenchymal Disease.

What does creatinine 4.9 mean?

Serum creatinine is always taken as indicator that reflects how well the kidneys are working. In clinic, the chronic kidney disease is divided into five stages. Creatinine is pretty much higher than the normal range and means you are in stage Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). If left untreated, it is very likely to progress into Stage 5 CKD, namely, Kidney Failure. Dialysis or kidney transplant will be required to lower creatinine 4.9.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Differ from dialysis, this therapy can not only decrease creatinine but also can repair the damaged nephrons. What does that mean? As you have known from the above mentioned, creatinine 4.9 is caused by damaged glomeruli, but dialysis cannot repair the nephrons. During the dialysis, the kidney does not work, which will cause more function in a long time.

However, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created from traditional Chinese medicines, which can expand blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. All those methods is to purify blood vessels and providing oxygen, blood, and nutrition for the repairing of damaged nephrons. As long as the nephrons in renal parenchyma are functioning normally, excessive wastes and toxins will be excreted. Creatinine 4.9 will decline and disappear gradually.

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