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Can Kidney Cyst Enlarge Prostate

2014-07-26 09:28

Can Kidney Cyst Enlarges ProstateIn clinic, there is definitely link between kidney cyst and prostate enlargement. However, it is very common to see patients are diagnosed with the two diseases. Why does that happen frequently. I will explain you some factors that can cause prostate enlargement in kidney cyst. Firstly, let’s get to know some basic things about prostate enlargement and kidney cyst.

Overview about enlarged prostate

Prostate enlargement is a common disorder for the elderly men. It is reported that the incidence of enlarge prostate is 20%-30% among men above age 50. With age, its incidence may be up to 40%. What’s worse, severe enlarge prostate may induce urinary tract blockage, urinary stone, chronic kidney failure or even uremic. In view of this, prompt treatment is urgently needed.

Overview of kidney cyst

Kidney cyst is another common lesion, which is normally harmless for the body. Yet, when the cyst becomes large, it will lead to many symptoms, especially when the cyst ruptures or gets infected.

When the cyst becomes infected, the inflammatory medium will flow into the other parts like urinary tract, ureter, bladder, and prostate. Then, it is not difficult for you to have prostatitis, which is direct and common cause of enlarge prostate.


Firstly, to shrink the kidney cyst is the basic step to prevent from rupture and infection. Normally, if the cyst is less than 2cm, you can take some Chinese herbal teas to shrink the cyst. If the cyst grows to 3-5cm , it has a high risk of rupture and infection. In that case, a surgery can be taken, but you should be careful not get infected and further damage of the kidneys. Another natural treatment is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

As for enlarge prostate, you should take measures to relieve urinary tract infection. In diet, I suggest you stay away from spicy foods and alcohol, which are bad for both kidney cyst and enlarge prostate. In addition, keeping an optimistic attitude and doing moderate exercise are also helpful.

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