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The reason why PKD impairs your renal function is that renal cysts keep growing. Therefore, the key of treatment is to shrink kidney cysts and stop their growth. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you reach this purpose.

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Top 5 Common Polycystic Kidney Disease Symptoms

2014-05-07 06:26

Top 5 Common Polycystic Kidney Disease SymptomsPolycystic kidney disease is an inherited kidney disease. Generally, it has no obvious developing signs or symptoms before the age of 20. Commonly, when people are between the age of 30 to 50, the cysts have a rapid growth, during which stage many symptoms are showed. Let’s take a look at.

Pain over kidney region

Back or side pain are often the first common symptoms. The pain can range from moderate to severe and is usually short-lived, lasting for a few minutes to several days.This is due to the enlarged kidneys or kidney stones.

Blood in the urine

When the cysts enlarge to a certain extent, the kidney cyst is more likely to rupture. Blood urine occurs when one or more of the cysts starting to bleed.That condition may come and go. What’s more, if the cyst is bleeding in large amount, it may even cause sepsis.

• Abnormal abdomen

You may feel the mass in your upper abdomen of both sides or you may see your abdomen swell, sometimes even like pregnant.

• High blood pressure

High blood pressure cannot be felt. It is only usually detected during routine testing. Here some clues to high blood pressure:

- a headache

- dizziness

- blurred vision

- nosebleeds

- shortness of breath

The reason for the above symptoms is that the renal cyst compresses the normal kidney tissues, making kidneys lack blood and oxygen supply, thus high blood pressure with those symptoms occurs .

• Urinary tract infection

If you have a urinary tract infection, your are possible to have such symptoms as:

- cloudy urine with bits of deposition

- frequent urine , either by day or at night

- pain or discomfort when passing urine

- urgent urination( you feel difficult to hold your urine)

- unusually unpleasant smelling urine

When the urinary tract infection get severe, more symptoms show, like:

- a high temperature of 38ºC or above

- uncontrollable shivering

- feeling sick

- vomiting

- diarrhea

Please remember, some of those symptoms are fairly common so that they may not be caused by Polycystic Kidney Disease. You’d better contact with your doctor or have a medical check to confirm. If you have one of the above symptom, have a further talk with doctor online. I believe you can get some helpful advices.

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Our Treatment Effect

This is a PKD patient from India. After our treatment, his kidney cyst was reduced to 3.5 cm from 8.5 cm. And his creatinine level was also lowered greatly. .

Our Treatment

How Does TCM Treat PKD

How Does TCM Treat PKD

Two Procedures:
1.Restrain the proliferation and secreting fluid of the lining epithelial cells.
2. Promote the cystic fluids to be absorbed by the blood vessels.