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Fluid Restriction in Peritoneal Dialysis

2014-10-26 11:43

Fluid Restriction in Peritoneal DialysisWe are always told to take 8 glasses of waster each day. However, this amount may be dangerous for Kidney Failure patients. Fluid restriction in peritoneal dialysis should be closely monitored.

Fluid control for those on peritoneal dialysis

Fluid restriction can help you feel comfortable before, during and after your dialysis sessions. Even though dialysis gets rid of excess fluid and waste in the body, it’s not as effective as healthy kidneys that work 24 hours a day.

People on peritoneal dialysis (PD) may not be as limited with their fluids as people on hemodialysis (HD). This is because PD treatments are performed every day, unlike hemodialysis, which is done several times a week.

But patients on PD are encouraged to keep track of their fluid intake and the amount of fluid removed in their dialysis exchanges. Too much fluid can still lead to complications like swelling, high blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Determining fluid restriction

Fluid restriction may vary for each individual patient. Factors such as weight gain between treatments, urine output and swelling are considered. If you’re on PD, your nurse will have you record your weight every day. Sudden weight gain may mean you are drinking too much fluid. Your dietitian will coach you on individual goals for your fluid intake.

Can I get better after peritoneal dialysis?

Most of the patients can get better after the dialysis. However, peritoneal dialysis is just a kidney replacement treatment but cannot repair the damaged renal tissues. With time goes by, your kidney function will lose more and more. Therefore, in the long run, dialysis is not the so good as you think.

For Kidney Failure patients, they are recommended to take treatment that can protect the remaining kidney function. As long as they still have parts of the kidney function, they can take our characteristic treatment—Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If it is combined with Stem Cell Therapy, it can give the patients a better outcome, helping them reduce the frequency of dialysis.

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Kidney Disease Treatments

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