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Thanks to Her Insistence, She Recovered From IgA Nephropathy

2015-01-12 07:10

Thanks to Her Insistence, She Recovered From IgA NephropathyXiaowei, a 21-year old girl, is an IgA Nephropathy patient. After six times treatment in our hospital, she finally see negative protein in the urine test report. Here is her experience.

She was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2011, and was treated with steroids for one month. Then, she went to several other hospitals for treatment up to 9 times. However, proteinuria, occult blood and swelling still recur.

During the two years, she lived with treatment and recurrence. Every time she had hope again when she was told a new treatment plant, but disappointed soon.

After these sufferings, Xiaowei finally regain confidence under the help of Dr. Wang Yuegang. Within one year, protein +++ became negative. 24-hour urine protein changed from 14.6 grams to 5.05 grams within one week, and 0.09 grams after one 37 days. How does that happen?

The secret is our doctor’s high diligence, which every patients here can see. They explained to the patients with the causes and natural treatments to help them get facts on their illness condition.

Of course, the most effective thing that can convince patients are curative effects. All the three times of recheck showed stable levels. She could have stopped taking medicines, but for the the chickenpox. She was worried about the persistent fever and came to our hospital again. This time, the urine protein over 24-hour was 12.98 grams, and rose to 17.26 grams with proteinuria ++++.

As for this acute kidney injure, timely treatment is very key. Dr. Wang made the treatment plant for her immediately.

The first step is to control fever caused by chickenpox, since inflammation due to fever will damage the kidneys. Medicine were prescribed to diminish inflammation and lower fever.

Secondly, treatment to control proteinuria was taken. Oral traditional Chinese medicine decoction, Hot Compress Therapy and Foot Bath were used.

One month later, urine protein returned back to negative.

You can see how hard the way to treat her IgA Nephropathy. Fortunately, she never gave up. If you also have similar problems, please keep a positive attitude and take timely treatments. We are always by your sides. For help, please leave a message below.

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