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Chinese Medicines for Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome Relapse

2015-01-11 02:50

Chinese Medicines for Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome RelapseThe patient is six years old, coming from Guizhou Province. In December, 2012 was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome after upper respiratory infection (URI). The 24-hour urinary protein was 4.2 g and serum albumin is 25 g/L. After treatment with steroids for half one year, protein became negative. Unfortunately, the disease recurred in August and October in 2014.

Due to blood pollution, various harmful substances invade the kidneys, causing kidney disease. After several tests and analysis, our experts found that this little boy was the late stage of Zhi Du (stasis).

According the severity of blood pollution, we divided kidney disease into three sages, including Zhi Du, Yu Du, and Zhuo Du. If you want to know more details about that, you can email to

After the diagnosis, we adopt “Four + Seven Therapy”, which is a holistic treatment to improve blood circulation and promote Qi. The effective ingredients can expand blood vessels, dissolving blood stasis and repairing damaged renal tissues.

The boy After two weeks’ treatment, his swelling disappeared, and 24-hour urine protein is 0.44g.

You can see that our treatment can reduce proteinuria effectively. However, can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stop the relapse?

Dr. Li said, the boy’s curative effects has reached our goal. During the treatment process, our doctors take every effort to minimize the side effects of western medicines on this little boy. The eventual fact proved that our treatment plant is totally feasible. As long as he can follow the doctor’s suggestion, he can possibly live a normal life.

Wish every kidney disease patients can recover soon with our treatments. If you are interested in out natural methods, please be free to contact us!

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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