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Tips to Protect Our Kidney in Summer.

2016-06-26 06:35

Many people advocate that winter disease should cure in summer,to protect our health in summer,we should protect our kidney first.Kidney is the vital stream of our body,if your renal function is normal,you will have s good physical condition.Today,i will tell you how to protect our kidney in summer.

1.Drink more water.

There are many ways to protect our kidney,and drinking more water is one of them, which can help the body to metabolic waste discharge, reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the kidney,thereby avoiding the damage of kidney.Especially for patients with fever,because their quickening metabolism ,waste and toxic substances will increase.Therefore,drinking much water in summer is helpful to promote the excretion of toxins.

2.Water can not be replaced by beverages.

The weather is hot in summer,so many people prefer to drink beverages rather than water. There are much caffeine in beverages,which often lead to high blood pressure, and hyperpiesia is an important elements to the damage of kidney.Besides,carbonated beverage will affect the absorption of calcium in our body.Therefore, we must avoid overmuch intake of beverages, and replace it with water.

3.Suitable intake of beer.

Drinking beer in summer is good for our health,but if you have kidney disease and drink beer without control will lead to the deposition of uric acid and then lead to the obstruction of renal tubular, which will cause kidney failure.

4.Don’t eat too much cold food.

There is hot weather and low air pressure in summer,so peoples resistance to disease will decrease,so it is easily for them to have a cold,and if they get streptococcal infection will lead to acute nephritis.Therefore don’t eat too much cold food and spicy food.

5.Foot bath is good for kidney before sleep.

Not only should we have a foot bath in winter but also in summer.It is helpful to promote blood circulation to have a foot bath before sleep.And at the same time,we can feel comfortable and get relaxed through food bath.After foot bath,you’d better don’t do other activities and quickly sleep in several minutes,which will be better to our kidney.[

6.Choose Clean place to swim.

There are many people in swimming pool,which will easily to breed infectious microbe,and these bacteria is easily to enter the urethral canal of our body,especially for woman who has the special physiologic structure,which will increase the rate of infection and finally lead to acute pyelonephritis.The typical symptoms of acute pyelonephritis is frequent micturition,urgent urination,odynuria and back pain.Therefore we should go to clean swimming pool.standard swimming pool must go through disinfection and water treatment,which is effective to Prevent the spread of infectious diseases.Do remember that don’t swim in unclean swimming poor,in addition,it is better to have a shower after swimming.

7.Have a balanced mental and do reasonable exercise.

Increased heat will make people have a bad temper and high pressure ,which will lead to high blood pressure and then damage our kidney.Keep a good mind can improve immune function.And regular exercise can not only improve the function of cardiovascular,but also is helpful to clean radical in our body to protect our kidney.

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