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Drinking These Kinds of Porridge Is Good for Your Kidney.

2016-06-27 00:24

As for kidney patient,you should pay attention to your diet,today i will introduce several kinds of porridge which is beneficial to your kidney.

Black rice is found in the period of Emperor Wu,and it is called black pearl and the the king of rice in the world.It is also known as Medicine rice and tribute rice .

Black rice is rich in high nutritive value,which has the function of enriching yin and nourishing kidney,and it is also beneficial to your stomach and your eyes.It is known as tribute rice in ancient times.the porridge cooked by black rice is very delicious and is full of nutriments.Therefore,it is called the rice that can supplement blood,and prolong our longevity and so on.

There are lots of benefits of drinking black rice porridge,today,i will introduce five kinds of porridge that are beneficial to our health.

1. Black rice porridge

The tips to make rice 100g,,after washing it and make it into porridge,which is good to our kidney and health.

2.Three Hei porridge(cooked by there kinds of black food)

Black rice 50g,black bean 20g,black sesame 15g,semen juglandis15g.

Cooked them together and add some brown sugar,which is beneficial to your skin,and your brain.If you have gray hair in your early age and have dizziness and anemia, you are advised to drink this kind of porridge.

3.Porridge cooked by black rice,tremella,and Jujube

Black rice 100g, tremella 10g,and five Jujubes,cook them together and add some rock candy.

This kind of porridge is beneficial to your lung and taste.It is suitable to any season of the year to drink.

4.Porridge cooked by black rice and lotus seed.

Black rice100g,lotus seed 20g,and cook them together and then add some rock candy.

This kind of porridge is beneficial to our heart and kidney,which is especially suitable for pregnant woman,old man,and kidney patient to drink, of course,healthy people can also drink it to strengthen the disease resistance.

5.Porridge cooked by black rice and chicken.

Black rice 100g,chicken 500g.Firstly,cut chicken into pieces and boil in boiling water and then put he black rice and chicken together into the casserole, next add soup and a variety of spices

and steam stew,when chicken with black rice to be overripe,add some sesame oil, salt and other seasonings.

This kind of porridge is beneficial to Qi tonic and can nourish the blood and promote blood circulation.It is suitable for lying-in woman,and the patients who is physically weak after the illness to drink.

You can drink these five kinds of porridge by turns, which makes you have a good appetite.If you want a certain kind of food to eat,you can leave a message to me first to avoid mistakes.

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