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Don’t let your emotion affect your disease condition

2016-06-24 02:25

Kidney disease can not only put pressure on the the patient,but also on patient’s family.Besides, the change of emotion can affect the recovery of the disease,so we must face the reality and keep in a good mind,and don’t let the emotion get in the way of the disease condition.

Firstly,relatives of patient should adjust their emotion to eliminate fear and anxiety,because your behavior and your attitude to the disease will affect the patient directly.If you perform calm and confidence,the patient will be more confident,or he will be more passive.

Family is our warm and safe harbor,especially for the people who gets disease,and they need the help and care that from their family number.As the relatives of patient,we must listen to the patient and let them have the opportunity to express their own feeling and their troubles and anxiety so that we can get to know the source of their sorrow.When the patient pours out,they will feel better than before.At the same time,they can feel the care and support from their family,which can strengthen their confidence in overcoming the disease.

Treatment for kidney disease requires a long period of time,it is easily to feel anxiety for the patient..So the relatives of patient should comfort them and make them know that Chronic kidney disease should adopt the attitude of taking it as it comes.

Any kind of recovery of Chronic disease needs a long process,so we must be patient with it.On the contrary,some patients ignore their disease condition and pay no attention to their diet and rest and even don’t eat medicine and don’t test,in this situation,family members should remind the patient of the result of having disease without treatment.

The patient can listen musics to relax himself and they can also do some outdoor activities,breathe fresh air,or participate in party that held by our hospital to communicate with their patient friends,which is beneficial to the control of the disease.

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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