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Diet recommendation for kidney patient in summer. In spite of primary disease or secondary disease ,whether the disease is serious or not,it is related with the air temperature in summer.The cause of these disease damages self regulating fu

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Diet recommendation for kidney patient in summer

2016-06-23 07:49

In spite of primary disease or secondary disease ,whether the disease is serious or not,it is related with the air temperature in summer.The cause of these disease damages self regulating function of our body,which leads to kidneys with ischemia ,oxygen deficit and even damages the inherent cells of our kidney.In this article, i will give some diet recommendation for kidney patient,whis is benificial to protect  our kidney.

Besides, it will also leads to renal fibrosis and then proteinuria,blood urine will occur.

However, with the emergence of the summer heat,the process of renal fibrosis has slowed because the impaired renal intrinsic cells in the boy of kidney patients (including patients not receiving treatment) has the ability to repair itself to achieve the best state.In addition, a corresponding increase in water consumption in the summer of kidney toxins have a certain dilution,coupled with the human skin Cou open vent, sweating more easily than other season. Thus, part of metabolic waste products accumulate in addition to the urine excretion, but also with the sweat glands discharge, thus improving the internal environment, leading to symptoms of kidney disease in the summer released.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, especially in the hot summer , as the temperatures rise,yangqi in the human body has raised,besides,there is meridians accessible, plenty of blood in human’s body,and the resistance is relatively high; at this time, the body's various tissues and organs function, self-healing capacity will be at the best level of the year.

Diet recommendation

1.For patient patients,you’d better do not eat cold vegetable dish in sauce,such as shredded cucumber,cold green bean noodle with mustard and meat shreds and so on..If you must eat cold vegetable dish,you should wash the vegetables again and again with clean water,and cook for immediate consumption.You’d better not use already prepared ingredients.

2.Do not eat such food as barbecue, Pork Knuckle,sausage and so on..For those food whose Shelf life is unknown,you mustn’t eat.

3.You must control yourself and do not drink cold drink.

4.You’d better do not eat too much greasy food to avoid aggravating the burden of our kidney.But in order to ensure the enough intake of protein,we can eat such food rich in much protein,such as egg white,lean meat,and fish.

5.You can drink defined amount of yoghourt,which riches in Protein and fat and is helpful to digestion.

6.As for fruits and vegetables,you must wash it again and again,because nowadays,most of which contain much pesticide.

7.In summer,our resistance will become weaker,and there is more mosquito,which is easily to cause bacterial pollution,so you must wash your hands before meals and the plate and bowl should be disinfected regularly.

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