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The Journey to China of the Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome from Indonesia

2016-06-23 08:05

Leaving his homeland,he gets on the train that can brings him hope,so he comes to China,although he has many suspects of here,he doesn’t want to give up the opportunity,even it is very small.This text will tell a story of the journey to china of the patient with nephrotic syndrome from Indonesia.
Even you are from a foreign country ,but you are not alone.

EFNDI is a Muslim,from Indonesia,2 years ago,the test showed that his urine protein is:++,his urine occult blood is:+,and he has no symptoms of swelling before that,then he went to the local hospital for treatment,the handsome boy was diagnosed with Chronic renal failure .

After that he accepts treatment in that hospital,but the treatment is not obviously effective,and his urine protein and urine occult blood always fluctuate,so he lost confidence about the treatment.

After leaving the hospital,EFNDI surfs in net for some information,and he consults many doctors around the world,and he also goes to many hospital for treatment,but there is no good way to his illness.Then,he begins to think since that western doctors can not cure me,why don’t i turn Chinese doctors for help.Maybe they can help me.

Referring much information,he hears about that this hospital cure kidney adopted Traditional Chinese treatment.He comes here half in doubt,because at that time,his disease condition doesn’t allow him to waste time.

He comes here alone,and he doesn’t like the dishes that cooked in our canteen,but every time we ask him how about our food,he said excellent.Our doctor secretly discover that although he bought the food,he never ate it.

So we made a decision consistently,we will cook for the patient in turn,and we hope he can accept better treatment.

Next day,when he saw that the nurse came in with delicious dishes,he is very surprised.He was moved by our doctors and nurses,and he cannot help crying.

Effective treatment in our hospital

After treatment in our hospital for a period of time,his condition is much better than before.His 24 hours urinary protein quantity is reduced from 6.27g to 1.58g.

Routine urine shows:His urine protein reduced from+++ to +,his occult blood is negative.

EFNDI is satisfied with our treatment. With an improvement of the disease,he is going to return his hometown.The night before he leaves our hospital,each of our doctor cooked dishes for him.He is very happy and he said: “thank you for your attention and accompany.

We are family forever even we will apart.

EFNDI is going to leave for his hometown.Hope the good memory can accompany him forever and wish he has a bright future.

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