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Effective Treatment for Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome

2016-06-22 03:54

There is a patient story that I can share with you, hoping more kidney patients can get correct treatments and live normal life as early as possible.

From Inner Mongolia ,Xiao Bo suddenly appeared edema, swollen eyes heavy-lidded.His mother treasured him flesh and blood, so she was anxious about it, and took him to the nearest hospital.When checked, it showed protein 3+, local doctors diagnosed it is nephrotic syndrome. Such a small child was found protein3+ , so the local doctor recommended hurriedly hormones to control the disease. Steroid and calcium,Xiao Bo accepted such treatment for 27 days, review the results of all negative urine, edema disappeared. Disease is finally good, the family happily discharged.

But it is not the case,after back home for about three days,his disease appears again,and there is swelling on him,his urine protein is 3+,so his mother is more anxious than before.

Her friend advises her to come to Shijiazhuang hospital for treatment,test shows in Shijiazhuang hospital is urine protein is 3+.

Such test results surprised the child’s mother. She thought that the disease will occur again and again and she plans for it, but the doctor's words made her renewed confidence.

"In fact, the treatment of kidney disease must first clear the blood of toxins, our traditional therapies cure kidney disease, kidney disease often do not know the key to treatment is to clean up the blood accumulated a lot of toxins, and then use the symptomatic treatment of renal drugs. Blood is unclear but direct use symptomatic medication, this will certainly lead to bad treatment, and easily repeated. the reason is simple, when people accumulate a lot of blood of toxins, the effect of any drug use are not good enough. "Dr. Fan careful explain the treatment of kidney disease to the child’s mother carefully.

After the clear serum drug treatment for 10 days, Xiao Bo’s edema disappeared, and his spirit is getting better.

The child’s behavior won’t cheat us,look,how happy he is when he plays with the doctor and he nurse,from which we can see that he must be better than before.

After 10 days we will review, we look at the current urine of Xiao Bo.

Congratulations to Xiao Bo that his urine protein is negative.

Through the example above, we can see the effective treatment in our hospital, If you have similar disease, please remember to contact with our Online Doctor or email to us at and we will do our best to help you!

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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