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Name: HOPE Age:42 nationality: Nigeria disease: Diabetic Nephropathy v Stage length of stay:23 days Before treatment: blood pressure : 220~240/120~140 weight:66.5kg creatinine level:906 Urinary nitrogen:30.4 Carbon dioxide combining power:1

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Nigeria 42 Diabetic Nephropathy V Stage

2016-06-22 03:00

Name: HOPE Age:42 nationality: Nigeria disease: Diabetic Nephropathy v Stage

From Nigeria,he is 42 years old and with diabetic nephropathy of v stage.He has lived in our hospital for 23 days.Before treatment, his blood pressure is 220~240/120~140, his weight is 66.5kg,his creatinine level is 906,his urinary nitrogen is30.4,his carbon dioxide combining power is15.4,his PTH is :147.1,and his Ccr is 1.13.

But After treatment,his blood pressure is 120~135/80~90,his weight is 63.2kg,his creatinine level is 621,his urinary nitrogen is11.9,his PTH is 27.1(completely normal),and his Ccr is:1.42.

For Symptoms,before treatment,he has the symptoms of nausea,vomiting and headache,and he has a weak health,his urine is clear and transparent without odor,he can not walk two meters even with a walking stick,he needs wearing a thick sweater, jacket, and also covered with blankets with opening the case up to 30 ℃ temperature air conditioning, and he is afraid of coldness.He doesn’t sweat,he
has dry skin,his urea cream is obvious.


But after treatment,the Symptoms of nausea, vomiting and headache disappear, and he has a good appetite.He has recovered obviously,his Cloudy urine and floc excretion in urine smell very strong ,he Can walk 300 meters without a walking stick.His feet and hand become warm.He doesn’t not afraid coldness.He can sweat,his skin is wet,and his urea cream disappears.       



From his change, we can see that the treatment in our hospital really effective, so if you are trouble with kidney problem, why not come to have a try. If you give us absolute trust, we will return you a healthy body. Don’t be hesitate, come to have a try.

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