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Do Not Let Your Children "Lie at the starting line"

2015-04-28 03:16

As parents always say, “ I cannot let my children lose at the starting line”. Yet, sometimes, the children “lie” at the starting line. Why do I say that? Let me take an example for you.

Binbin is only a five-year-old boy. Now, he makes his parents so worried because he is badly ill. In December, 2014, Binbin caught a cold. Two days later, his urine became red. His parents were thrown into a panic. They took Binbin to the hospital. Unfortunately, Binbin was diagnosed with Acute Glomerulonephritis with proteinuria +++, urine occult blood +++. Treated with penicillin and other unclear medicine for about half a month, gross hematuria disappeared, but proteinuria +++ and urine occult blood +++ are still existing.

Doctor in Huaxi Hospital recommend they to give steroids to Binbin, but they refused. They know what this medicine will bring about to their little child. Then, doctor use Chinese medicines which still didn’t work.

When Binbin came to our hospital, he was still very weak. His parents were so worried since if acute glomerulonephritis cannot be timely treated, it will develop into chronic nephritis, and may progress to Kidney Failure.

What should they do? Does Binbin have to fight with kidney disease the whole lifetime?

Dr. Gua Jiawang felt a pity that this acute glomerulonephritis had developed into chronic kidney disease because of wrong treatment.

Why can a cold cause nephritis?

A cold is caused by virus invasion. These substances react to the body's own antibodies, forming large amount of immune complexes. This product passed through the body with blood circulation, attacking many organs and systems. When it lodges in the kidneys, it will cause inflammation and damage the kidneys. Therefore, treatment should aim at excreting immune complexes. The former treatment can only control proteinuria and hematuria rather than clearing up immune complexes.

After almost half a month of treatment in our hospital, proteinuria +, urine acetone bodies turns negative and only hematuria is still 3+.

To sum up, no matter what type of disease, treatment should solve the underlying problem.

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