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Treatment for 17 Years Old Patient with Lupus Nephritis

2015-02-16 05:43

Treatment for 17 Years Old Patient with Lupus NephritisQing is a seventeen years old a girl, who should have worked hard for the college entrance examination. However, she had stayed in hospital for two years.

She was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which caused kidney damage later. Doctor told her that this disease is called “Lupus Nephritis” and it may lead to Kidney Failure.

At then, she was shocked by this result. “I was told that I have no choice but to take dialysis. My lupus is controlled, but kidney damage cannot be reversed. And my family cannot afford the fee any more.”

However, is dialysis the only way to treat Lupus Nephritis?

Actually, the answer is no. Dr Zhao Bofeng told her that dialysis cannot solve the underlying problem. It is just a method to remove wastes in the blood rather than the kidneys. The key of treatment for Lupus Nephritis is to clear up immune complexes on the kidneys. However, what is the best treatment? She have no idea.

“There are many methods. A Lupus Nephritis discharged from our hospital this morning. He is even more serious than you. When he was admitted in the hospital, he had heavy proteinuria and severe puffy eyes. After two months of our treatment, the proteinuria turned negative.” said Dr. Zhao. Now, Qing was convinced and had confidence on treatment.

Hope is sometimes a strange thing. It is like a candle that can be lightened or broken out by a simple sentence.

Here, Qing knew why we say that detoxing the blood through “three kidneys”. That is, our treatment clear up the polluted blood through feet, skin and kidneys. It is easier to say than do it. Each adjustment of medicines is taken by Dr Zhao with extreme caution. He even invited his teacher, Professor Wang Zhigang to provide free consultation for Qing.

Finally, the test result, proteinuria “-” made this girl relaxed and smiled. Now, she regained hope and planed to go on her study.

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