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Chinese National Day—A Big Gathering of Staff and Foreign Patients

2014-10-04 00:40

On October 1st, 2014, the Chinese National Day, the doctors, nurses, foreign patients, and the other staff got together to celebrate the special day.

No matter where they are from, what skin colors they have, what their beliefs are, they are treated as our friends or families in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. All the staff here will try their best to solve their problems of illness as well as daily life. On this special day, we invited them to share the happiness with us.

They were so appreciative that they have got the best treatment and care here. They shared their experiences here. There are so many joys and love here that all of them thanked the doctors, nurses and all the staff. Their emotion is so sincere that they made us touched. Having got this motivation, we became more confident that we can help them to the most extent. In fact, many of them have seen their “magics”.

On this party, all the performers come from the patients and doctors, nurses. Even though they are not professionals, their smells, laughter, dances, and singing, etc are the most beautiful things in the world, because they were doing that with their sincerest hearts.

I hope everyone coming here will make their wishes come true! I do believe more wonderful life is ahead of us!

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