Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment

Conventional treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome is steroids and immunosuppressants, but they have a lot of side effects, and the disease gets relapse frequently. If you would like to try alternatives and get permanent treatment of the disease, systemic Chinese medicine will be a good choice for you. After a short period of treatment, edema will disappear completely, and proteinuria will turn negative.

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What Is the Cure for Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-12-20 02:19

What Is the Cure for Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is a group of symptoms that include heavy proteinuria, general swelling, hypoproteinemia, and hyperlipidemia. Up to now, there is no cure for Nephrotic Syndrome in the world. Treatment can only help control symptoms and reduce the risk of death.

However, not all the treatments can help improve patients’ health. Long term or large dosage of certain medicines might cause adverse effects. In that cases, I recommend you to take natural Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Effects of TCM on Nephrotic Syndrome

On one hand, TCM is very natural for patients. The used of TCM has a history of more than 2,000 years in China, and nowadays has become very popular all over the world. Since most of TCMs come from plants, they are more natural for treating disease.

On the other hand, the effective ingredients of TCM can expand blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extracellular matrixes. Therefore, blood circulation can be improved, and more oxygen and blood can be carried to the kidneys. Then, the kidney can repair injured tissues effectively. As long as kidney function can be protected and enhanced, symptoms will be completely relieved.

Our treatments for Nephrotic Syndrome

Based on TCM, we innovated several therapies, which is summarized into :Four Plus Seven Therapy.

“Four” refers to four types of medicines, including:

1. One bottle of Mai-Kang Composition(MKM)

2. One dose of Traditional Chinese Medicine decoction

3. A packet of medicine for external application on Shenshu (an acupoint on the kidney area)

4. A pot of medical fluid for Foot Bath

“Seven” refers to seven kinds of therapies:

1. Fuming or steaming Therapy

2. Medicated Bath: Increase urine output and perspiration to discharge wastes and toxins.

3. Cycle Therapy

4. Acupuncture

5. Hot Compress Therapy

6. Foot Bath therapy

7. Enema Therapy

Each therapy has its own advantages. Which therapy is right for you is determined by your own illness condition. Send your test report to, and we can give you general treatment guidance. Or you can leave a message below, describing your illness briefly, and we will reply you ASAP.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
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Our Treatment Effect

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This is a girl from Saudi Arabic. After about half a month of treatment in our hospital, her leg edema disappeared, and the effect was very obvious.

Nephrotic Syndrome Patient from New Zealand Paid Second Visit to Our Hospital