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Conventional treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome is steroids and immunosuppressants, but they have a lot of side effects, and the disease gets relapse frequently. If you would like to try alternatives and get permanent treatment of the disease, systemic Chinese medicine will be a good choice for you. After a short period of treatment, edema will disappear completely, and proteinuria will turn negative.

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How Does Nephrotic Syndrome Develop Into Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-05-21 07:48

How Does Nephrotic Syndrome Develop Into Chronic Kidney FailureNephrotic Syndrome is characterized by an increase in permeability of the capillary walls of glomeruli, resulting in such symptoms as large amounts of proteinuria, high cholesterol, heavy edema, hypoproteinemia. If left untreated timely and properly, it progresses into kidney failure directly. Well then, how does nephrotic syndrome develop into chronic kidney failure? Are there any treatments that can prevent that progression?

What is chronic kidney failure?

Kidney failure is divided into acute and chronic renal failure. Chronic kidney failure is a slow, progressive decline in kidney function. It is not an independent kidney disease but a final result of renal diseases deterioration.

How does nephrotic syndrome develop into chronic kidney failure?

Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by glomerular basement membrane damage. When GFR (glomerular filtration rate) declines, lots of protein will leak out. At the same time, many immune complexes accumulate on the glomerular basement membrane, leading to ischemia and hypoxia of the micro blood circulation. As a result, glomerular sclerosis and extracellular matrix proliferation occur. In that case, if left untreated, glomeruli will be more badly damaged, and eventually may lead to kidney fibrosis. With the gradual loss of kidney function, nephrotic syndrome develops into chronic kidney failure.

Methods to prevent nephrotic syndrome from developing into chronic kidney failure.

►Check your kidney function regularly.

►Control the symptoms in order to protect the remaining kidney function. When some symptoms occur, part of our kidney nephrons are damaged, but the rest are still working. Some medicines may be prescribed by your doctor. Blood pressure medication, cholesterol medications, diuretics, anticoagulants and medications for controlling immune system are all included in the medicine list. Please make sure that you take each kind of medicines under your doctor’s directions.

►Keep a healthy kidney disease diet. For nephrotic syndrome patients, they need to take high-quality foods, such as fish, milk, egg white and lean meat. If patients have hypertension, they should limit the intake of salt and water.

►Chinese herbs. Western medicines can simply control the symptoms by removing wastes and toxins in the kidneys instead of repairing the intrinsic renal cells. If so, complications may relapse. Chinese herbs have the function of not only repairing damaged cells but also preventing the healthy cells from being attacked. In that way, kidney function can be improved and kidney fibrosis will be blocked. Therefore, Chinese herbs can effectively prevent nephrotic syndrome from developing into kidney failure.

To sum up, you’d better take every effort to prevent nephrotic syndrome developing into kidney failure. Even though diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, you should keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards it. We are glad to help you fight against the disease. You can consult our experts online or leave a message below for suggestions.

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