Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment

Conventional treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome is steroids and immunosuppressants, but they have a lot of side effects, and the disease gets relapse frequently. If you would like to try alternatives and get permanent treatment of the disease, systemic Chinese medicine will be a good choice for you. After a short period of treatment, edema will disappear completely, and proteinuria will turn negative.

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Any Side Effect of Renfor Tablet for Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-02-12 03:57

Any Side Effect of Renfor Tablet for Nephrotic SyndromeMedicines are always necessary for Nephrotic Syndrome. While helpful, some medicines can cause damage on kidneys. Are there any side effects of renfor tablet for Nephrotic Syndrome?

Get facts on renfor tablet

Tablet Renfor is the brand name of Mycophenolate Mofetil 360 mg. It belongs to immunosuppressant agents. It can indeed cause some side effects, such as diarrhea, vomiting, gastrointestinal hemorrhage pain, headache, anaemia, renal tubular necrosis, hematuria and BP changes.

Since most of the metabolic products are discharged by the kidneys, Tablet Renfor should be avoided or limited to be taken by Nephrotic Syndrome Patients.

Natural remedies for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is not a independent problem but a group of symptoms including proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia and edema. To improve this condition, treatment should solve the underlying problem, namely, damaged renal function.

To achieve that goal, I recommend you to take our natural Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These natural herbs are made into several therapies, which help kidneys remove wastes and toxins from “three kidneys”.

What are the “three kidneys”?

Kidney is the first organ filtering wastes and toxins. Our therapies used to remove harmful substances through three ways:

● Improving kidney function and increasing urine output (Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy);

● Increasing sweat though skin (Medicated Bath);

● Promoting blood circulation by stimulating the acupoints on feet (Foot Bath).

All these therapies are based on TCM, and are external applications. Having been used for almost 30 years, they have already been the main treatments in our hospital, Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

Now, more and more patients would like to take our natural treatments, and come to China despite of distance and tiredness. I so glad see that they regain a normal life.

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Our Treatment Effect

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This is a girl from Saudi Arabic. After about half a month of treatment in our hospital, her leg edema disappeared, and the effect was very obvious.

Nephrotic Syndrome Patient from New Zealand Paid Second Visit to Our Hospital