Nephrotic Syndrome Diet

Generally speaking, a diet with high-quality protein, low sodium and fluid, restricted fat is recommended. Here is the guideline

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Diet for Children With Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-04-30 03:41

Diet for Children With Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic syndrome is a nonspecific kidney disorder characterized by a number of signs of disease: proteinuria, hypertension, hypoalbuminemia and edema. Both adults and children can be diagnosed with this kind of kidney disease. As for the treatment, diet plays a very important role, especially for children. As a parent, you may be bothered by such questions as:

1. Why does my child get nephrotic syndrome?

According to the causes, nephrotic syndrome consists of three categories, namely, primary, secondary and hereditary nephrotic syndrome. As for children, most of them are diagnosed with primary or secondary one, because of the disordered immune system or nephritis, such as Lupus Nephritis and Henoch-Schonlein Purpura Nephritis.

2. What is the reasonable diet plan for my children?

Generally speaking, a diet with high-quality protein, low sodium and fluid, restricted fat is recommended. Here is the guideline.

-High-quality protein: The main symptom of nephrotic syndrome is the large leakage of protein with urine. Therefore, children should ensure the supplement by increasing protein intake. However, due to the damaged kidney, excessive wastes produced by protein metabolism cannot flow out. In that case, parents should provide high-quality protein foods, for instance, fish, egg white and lean meat.

-Low sodium and fluid: If your children are suffering from swelling on ankles, hands, joints or face, you must be very cautious about the intake of salt and water. Much sodium and fluid intake burdens the kidneys and causes water-sodium retention, which will worsen the swelling. Foods like pickles, snacks, sausage and nuts are not OK, while fresh vegetables and fruits, no-processed meats and yogurt are good choices.

-Restricted fat intake: Hyperlipideamia is another main symptom of nephrotic syndrome. If your children are fond of desserts or foods with lots of cholesterol, you should keep the intake less than 30%. Honey, maple syrup and dried fruit are not OK for them.

What I list above is just a part of the healthy diet for general children with nephrotic syndrome. You may have your specific condition. For more detailed information as for diet or treatments, please leave a message below. You can also seek help from our online doctors, and they will give you a free and immediate answer.

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