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Can I Eat Dessert When I Get Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-04-28 03:19

Can I Eat Dessert When I Get Nephrotic SyndromeAre there any children or youngers who can resist the temptation of desserts? Even a bar of chocolate may make them happy all day. However, for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, their health ranks the first. Therefore, speaking of what to eat, they often ask “Whether can it be eaten” instead of “Whether is it good to eat”. Then, can nephrotic syndrome patients eat desserts?Expert says "Yes", on the condition that the intake is limited within a proper amount.

What will happen if I take desserts freely?

Compared with healthy people, nephrotic syndrome patients’ diet is different. As we all know, patients with nephrotic syndrome have some common symptoms, which are summarized as a large quantity of proteinuria, severe swelling, hyperlipidemia and hypoproteinemia. If you take desserts freely, more sugar, which contains many calories, will be transformed into fat. Lipid metabolism becomes abnormal, which in turn makes hyperlipidemia worse. Therefore, if you eat desserts freely, your illness condition will become worse.

Can’t I eat desserts at all?

What I mentioned above does not mean that nephrotic syndrome patients cannot eat desserts at all. “limited intake” refers to “proper amount” instead of “none”. Actually, eating desserts properly is good, because sugar contains high calories, which are also needed for the recovery of nephrotic syndrome patients.

What are the rules of eating desserts for nephrotic syndrome patients?

1. When you choose desserts, try to avoid too much greasy foods.

2. You can combine desserts with high-quality protein foods, like egg white, milk, lean meat, etc. On the contrary, foods with rich plant protein are not good choices as collocations, such as beans and bean products as well as dried fruits.

3. You should keep desserts intake in a reasonable amount.

To sum up, desserts have both bad and good effects. You’d better consult your doctor about how much you can take. Except diet, you should pay much attention on the treatment, because as long as you have a healthy body, you do not need to worry about that kind of question. Any more questions, please leave a message below or contact doctor online directly.

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