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Are Chillies Good for Nephrotic Syndrome

2015-11-18 01:59

Are Chillies Good for Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is not an independent kidney disease but a group of symptoms. In order to reduce burden of kidney filtration, patients should avoid eating some foods in daily life. Are chillies good for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

Dietary suggestions

1. Reduce sodium

Nephrotic Syndrome patients usually have swelling (edema), so they need to reduce sodium intake to 2,000 to 3,000 mg/day. Salty foods like fast food, pickles and processed meat should be avoided.

2. Spicy foods

Even though spicy foods haven’t been proven to direct effect on kidneys, they may worsen some symptoms in Nephritic Syndrome. Therefore, chillies are not good for patients with Nephrotic Syndrome.

3. Limit protein

Incomplete protein provides fewer essential amino acids and produces more metabolic wastes, so Nephrotic Syndrome patients need to limit incomplete protein intake especially plant protein. Well, they had better eat more high-quality protein, namely complete protein foods such as egg white, fish and lean meat.

If you want detailed dietary suggestions for Nephrotic Syndrome, you may as well send test report to us at or leave a message below.

Medication suggestions

Only diet restriction is not enough for patients, because no certain food can repair damaged renal tissues. Controlling symptoms like swelling, high blood pressure and proteinuria with medicines is very necessary to slow the progression of kidney damage. Meanwhile, to solve the problem from root cause, patients need treatments to improve kidney function. In that case, I recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the commonly used herbal treatments. It is an external application used on bilateral kidney areas (Shenshu acupoints). Chinese herbs are super-finely shattered and are put into two small packages. With osmosis device and penetrant liquids, the effective ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly. They can purify the blood and increase blood circulation so that kidney cells can get enough blood volume and oxygen to function well. If you are interested, you can add my Whatsapp/Viber 008615512139310.

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