Lupus Nephritis Treatment

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Conventional treatment can only help you suppress immune system to help inhibit renal inflammation rather than repair kidney damage. While systemic Chinese medicine treatment can make whole internal environment harmonious to help kidneys heal themselves and promote renal function.

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Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

2014-10-26 15:11

Stage 4 Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis is an inflammation on the kidneys caused by SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). According to the severity of glomerular damage, Lupus Nephritis is divided into five stages. Now, follow me and get facts on Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis. Any other questions, you are welcomed to email to or leave a message below.

What is Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis?

At stage 4, more than 50% of the glomeruli have been attacked. Glomeruli are tiny blood vessels filtering wastes and toxins in the blood. When more than half of the glomeruli are damaged, large amounts of harmful substances accumulate in the body, blocking the blood circulation and causing ischemia and anoxia in the kidneys. As a result, Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis will experience some symptoms.

Possible symptoms of Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

For many, the first noticeable symptom is swelling of the legs, ankles and feet. Less often, there can be swelling in the face or hands.

Other symptoms can vary from person to person and from day to day. They may include:

-Weight gain

-High blood pressure

-Dark urine

-Foamy, frothy urine

-Frequent and urgent urination, especially at night.

Treatment for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis

Since symptoms and severity vary from person to person, treatments are individually tailored to meet a person’s particular circumstances.

● Medicines: They may include corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs, and medications to prevent blood clots or lower blood pressure if needed.

Dialysis: Even with treatment, loss of kidney function sometimes progresses. If both kidneys fail, and people develop into End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), they may need dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It can be used as an alternative therapy for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis. This therapy is innovated from hundreds of traditional Chinese herbs. Used externally, it act on kidney disease with few side effects. By expanding blood vessels, reducing inflammation, and degrading extracellular matrix, it can improve blood circulation so as to help the kidneys repair themselves and discharge wastes adequately. Therefore, Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis can be treated from the root, and patients can get better outcome with this therapy.

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