Lupus Nephritis Treatment

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Conventional treatment can only help you suppress immune system to help inhibit renal inflammation rather than repair kidney damage. While systemic Chinese medicine treatment can make whole internal environment harmonious to help kidneys heal themselves and promote renal function.

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Is It Possible to Improve GFR for Lupus Patients

2018-06-16 07:30

Question: I have Lupus and reduced estimated glomerular filtration rate. Is it possible to improve it?

Is It Possible to Improve GFR for Lupus PatientsAnswer: Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is an indicator of the kidney function. Now it reduces, which means that your kidneys have been damaged. Some studies show that about 60% of lupus patients develop Lupus Nephritis and other kidney complications. You said your eGFR reduces, importance should be attached. What is your GFR?

Treatment to help you improve GFR

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, so we have to start from the abnormal immune system. Conventional treatment is only to use steroids and immunosuppressants to suppress the immune system to prevent it from attacking the kidneys. They are helpful, but they can not repair kidney damage and promote renal function. Here we recommend you to try a systemic treatment. It is Toxin-Removing Treatment, also known as Detoxification Therapy.

This treatment includes 9 therapies:

1. Double plasma exchange therapy. It can help you a thorough cleanse of the polluted blood so as to eliminate those excess substances from body.

2. Chinese medicine detoxification therapy. It is to cleanse the residual dirty blood.

3. Chinese medicine for activating blood circulation. It is to clear up blood stasis that is adhered to blood vessel wall.

4. Cell infusion therapy. It is to repair the cells that are damaged by the polluted blood.

5. Cytokine infusion therapy. It is to eliminate cytokines that can trigger immunological stress reaction in the blood.

6. Negative oxygen ion therapy. It is to cleanse and eliminate toxins that go into cells, maintain a good internal environment of cells.

7. Ozone therapy. It is to make the blood in the body more alive, especially hemoglobin.

8. Micronutrient and vitamin supplements. It is to balance nutrients in body.

9. Good living habits. They are the guarantee of clean blood. It includes diet, exercises, stress release, etc.

After about one week’s treatment, you will see a large quantity of sediments in urine, which are those wastes and immune complexes being passed out. After about half month’s treatment, symptoms such as weakness, red spots on skin, high blood pressure, proteinuria, joint pain and so on will get relieved greatly. After about one month’s treatment, your disease will be under control, and renal function will get improved.

It is possible to improve GFR for Lupus Nephritis patients. But the referred treatment is not available all over the world. Now you can send a copy of your lab report to Our renal experts will help you analyze it and then give you personalized guidance on treatment.

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