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5 Effective Treatment Options for Lupus Nephritis

2014-04-28 08:38

5 Effective Treatment Options for Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis is the complication of SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). It is an autoimmune disease that can affect organs of our body like skin, kidney and serves. Patients with Lupus Nephritis suffer great sorrows in their life. However, how to treat Lupus Nephritis? Now, you can find many treatments in this article.

The treatments for patients with Lupus Nephritis

1. A healthy diet

A healthy diet plays an important role in treating Lupus Nephritis. First, you should limit intake of water to avoid swelling. Secondly, you should control the intake of salt. Keeping a low-salt diet is beneficial for reducing high blood pressure. In addition, you can consume high-quality protein like lean meet, egg white, etc. According to different symptoms of Lupus Nephritis, you can choose different diet plans.

2. Immunosuppressive medicines

Because of immunodeficiency, patients with Lupus Nephritis produce kinds of autoantibodies like antinuclear, anti-histone antibody and so on. In the early stage of Lupus Nephritis, taking immunosuppressive medicines can block inflammatory responses to some extent. Although it has made a treatment effect for a short term, it still fail to clear immune complex away from kidney. So, it is easy to cause the relapses of Lupus Nephritis.

3. Plasma Exchange

Plasma exchange can remove circulating immune complex, autoantibodies such as anti-double-stranded DNS, anti-SSA and other immune reactants, so Lupus Nephritis`1+465. can be controlled to some extent. However it may be not the best treatment because it only can clear blood and fail to repair kidney function. So it may be a temporary treatment for patients with severe Lupus Nephritis.

4. Steroid therapy

Glucocorticoid (GCS) is often used to treat lupus nephritis. It has the function of controlling immune response, anti-inflammation and antitoxic, so it can ease various symptoms of lupus nephritis such as proteinuria and swelling. However, it may carry the risk of side effects.

5. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is an alternative treatment for Lupus Nephritis. It combines with Chinese medicines and advance technology. The whole process of immunotherapy was divided into six parts: immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune inhibition, immune tolerance, immune adjustment and immune protection. After above six steps, immunotherapy can stop abnormal activity of immune system by rebuilding the immune system. The conditions of patients with Lupus Nephritis will become better and better. In addition, according to clinic practices, immunotherapy has made a great success in treatment for Lupus Nephritis.

Right Lupus Nephritis treatment can help you live as long as general population. The above is the introduction of some treatments for Lupus Nephritis. If you want more information about treatments, you can consult our online kidney experts freely.

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