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How to Reduce Creatinine 4.7 to Normal Level for Lupus Nephritis

2016-01-04 05:32

How to Reduce Creatinine 4.7 to Normal Level for Lupus NephritisA Lupus Nephritis patient with creatinine level 4.7 indicates that the person’s kidneys have been damaged severely. Because in clinic, creatinine level won’t increase until half of renal function has been damaged. Well then, how to reduce high creatinine level to normal level for patients?

How serious is creatinine 4.7 for lupus nephritis?

As a metabolic toxin, creatinine should be discharged out of the body by the healthy kidneys, while for patients with lupus nephritis, their damaged kidneys are unable to play the function well. We all know, lupus nephritis is commonly seen damage attributes to involved kidneys of long-term SLE which is autoimmune disease that attacks systemic connective tissue. While creatinine level is the content of muscular metabolite of human body, which is able to reflect renal function through glomerular filtration. As a matter of fact, creatinine 4.7 indicates initial Stage 4 CKD which behaves as severe symptoms and complications of multiple tissue and organs. It is promising for them to well control current condition with timely and effective medications. Otherwise, they will unavoidably enter into advanced period and turn out to be life-threatening End Stage Renal Failure.

Well then, how to reduce such a high creatinine level?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a better option to improve GFR of Lupus Nephritis with creatinine 4.7, which is applied to well control blood pressure, improve microcirculation, increase blood and oxygen supply, dissolve thrombus, reduce inflammatory response, promote effective renal perfusion and degrade extracellular matric, therefore protecting and regenerating the structures and functions of intrinsic renal cells as much a possible.

In addition, before you receive the treatment, if you can take Blood Pollution Therapy, the curative effects will be more better!

It is a optimal natural treatment, which plays a part in Blood Purification, elements supplementation and function rebuilding, thus repairing renal injuries and restoring renal functions so as to lower creatinine 4.7 of Lupus Nephritis without dialysis.

Last but not least, a balanced diet plan and healthy lifestyles are also necessary for patients with Lupus Nephritis. To know more related info, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly!

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