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Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Conventional treatment can only help you suppress immune system to help inhibit renal inflammation rather than repair kidney damage. While systemic Chinese medicine treatment can make whole internal environment harmonious to help kidneys heal themselves and promote renal function.

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Whether Lupus Nephritis Can Enjoy Green Smoothies With Spinach

2015-01-07 09:39

Whether Lupus Nephritis Can Enjoy Green Smoothies With SpinachLupus Nephritis refers to a condition caused by SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which leads to inflammation on kidneys. You may be also wondering whether Lupus Nephritis patients can enjoy green smoothies with spinach. If so, you can find answers here. Any questions, please email to

Effects of green smoothies and spinach on Lupus Nephritis

Both green smoothies and spinach are OK to be consumed by healthy people if they have no kidney problems. On the contrary, Lupus Nephritis means the kidneys have been attacked so that they cannot function adequately. Under this condition, green smoothies and spinach are not recommended to be taken. Why?

The answer is oxalate found in both green smoothies and spinach. This substance will raise the risk of kidney stones. In addition, spinach is a kind of food high in potassium. If the damaged kidneys cannot remove excess potassium levels in the blood, some symptoms such as shortness of breath and abnormal heart rate, and so on.

To sum up, Lupus Nephritis patients are not recommended to take green smoothies and spinach.

Other dietary restrictions

There are some other dietary restrictions for Lupus Nephritis patients. You are required to:

1. Eat less sodium. In general, sodium recommended dosage for kidney disease patients is 2,000 mg to 3,000 mg per day. Then, processed meat, canned soups, salty nuts and seeds and fast foods should be taken off your table.

2. Limit protein intake. High protein metabolism will produce more wastes that burden the kidneys. 0.6-0.8 grams per kg of body weight is a general guidance. You may need less according to your illness condition.

Treatment for Lupus Nephritis

Specific medicines or therapies that can be used is based on your kidney function and symptoms you are experiencing. The mainly used medicines are Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs) which are more natural and effective. We have almost 30 years’ experience on this field, and you can trust us! Please be free to contact us directly.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
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