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Signs of Kidney Transplant Hemorrhage

2015-05-30 02:00

Signs of Kidney Transplant HemorrhageKidney Transplant has always been considered as the best treatment for Kidney Failure. However, some complications after this surgery may bring patients into danger again. Hemorrhage is very serious in kidney transplant patients. There are some signs of this problem. You are suggested to take immediate treatment when it happens.

Signs of kidney transplant hemorrhage

When hemorrhage occurs, you are likely to have back pain, side pain, swollen kidneys. When you touch your kidney area, you can feel sharp pain. In more serious cases, people have pale skin, weak pulse, decreased blood pressure or even shock.

Under the ultrasound, you can see hematoma or hematocele around kidney region, where blood flow signals are also detectable.

Treatment for hemorrhage in kidney transplant patients

Tell your doctor immediately and take actions right now. When diagnosed, you will be given some medicines to keep the drainage unobstructed and prevent infections. Sometimes, a surgery is necessary. Any questions, please email to us at or leave a message below. Our doctor online can give you some suggestions for free.

Natural medicines for kidney transplant patient

Hemorrhage is the result of kidney rejection. It usually happens after 6 months after kidney transplant. The new organ is damaged and patients start to have proteinuria, hematuria or high blood pressure. Doctors always give medicines such as cellcept and hypertensive drugs, but cannot solve the underlying problem.

You may as well take Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is more natural than over-the-counter medicines. Maikang composition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and Medicated Bath can be used for patients. They have the function of improving blood circulation, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation and degrading extracellular matrixes. The terminal goal of these therapies is to improve blood circulation and renal kidney function.

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