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Treatments for Shrinkage Kidney

2014-04-08 10:07

Treatments for Shrinkage KidneyThe three major causes of shrinkage kidney are: Congenital Renal Dysplasia, Chronic Pyelonephritis and End Stage Kidney Disease. The treatments for shrinkage kidney are different according to their underlying causes.

Treatment for shrinkage kidney caused by congenital renal dysplasia:

If only one kidney shrinks, and patient have no symptoms, treatment is unnecessary, as the other kidney can support the normal physiological activity.If the shrinking kidney may be the cause of high blood pressure, the shrinking kidney can be removed.

If both of the kidneys shrink and the disease develops into renal insufficiency, medication and dialysis may be taken into consideration to control the progression of the disease.

Treatment for shrinkage kidney caused by chronic pyelonephritis:

Chronic pyelonephritis is a persistent infection of the kidneys leading to inflammation, scarring, and other permanent damage, including shrinkage kidney. Antibiotic is commonly administered in chronic pyelonophritis. There are some notes for using antibiotic.

1. Choose antibiotic with high sensitivity to bacteria and low toxic to kidney.

2. Use antibiotic in long-term for complete sterilization.

3. If infection often relapses, apply the sterilized method with low dose for a long time.

Treatment for shrinkage kidney caused by End Stage Kidney Disease:

In western medicine, dialysis is the most common way to prolong patients’ lifetime. However, it only can alleviate the symptoms temporarily but can’t prevent the progression of the diseases.

While some treatments combining Chinese medicine and western medicine have achieved effective effect on treating kidney diseases. In this article, we will discuss one of the treatments---Blood Pollution Therapy. In this therapy, toxins in blood will be removed before restore kidney lesion. In this process, patients can choose Immune adsorption, plasma exchange, CRRT, hemofiltration and hemoperfusion, etc, according to their specific condition, to purify their blood. Then, based on patients’ blood contents and the condition of blood circulation system, doctor will administer supplements to supply nutrition to their blood system. As patient’s blood circulation is recovered, the damaged renal cells get more oxygen and nutrients for recovery.Besides,Chinese medicine has obvious effect in activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which are very helpful for repairing patient’s damaged kidney structure. When the renal cells are restored, the kidney can work normally.

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