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How to Deal with Swelling for Kidney Shrinkage Patients

2014-05-26 09:02

How to Deal with Swelling for Kidney Shrinkage PatientsKidney shrinkage refers that kidneys become smaller abnormally. In severe cases, this condition indicates complete kidney failure, and swelling in feet, legs, ankles or hands is commonly seen in patients with shrinking kidneys. Well then, how to deal with swelling for these patients?

For patients with kidney shrinkage, their swelling may be due to two reasons.

The first one is fluid and sodium retention. As we all know, producing urine is the main kidney function, so diseased kidneys can’t eliminate extra fluid from the body. Then, more and more water will retain in some tissues, resulting in swelling.

The second one is protein leakage. In addition to discharge extra fluid, keeping protein and other nutritions in the body is another kidney function. When kidney filtration membrane is damaged, protein will leak into the urine and cause low plasma protein osmotic pressure. Finally, water and fluid will accumulate in some tissues especially legs and feet.

Based on the causes, we give out four management methods.

1. Restrict fluid and sodium intake: Both extra fluid and sodium will worsen kidney shrinkage patients’ swelling. In view of this, kidney shrinkage patients should pay highly attention to drinking water and developing a low-sodium diet. Remember to see the label before eating any food.

2. Supplement high-quality protein: If patients’ swelling is due to protein leakage, high-quality protein can help increase plasma protein osmotic pressure effectively. Egg white, lean meat, milk and fish all contain this type of protein, so patients can consume these foods accordingly.

3. Take some medications: In clinic, many medications such as ACEi, ARBs and diuretics can help manage protein leakage as well as swelling.

4. Keep damaged kidney cells refresh: As we know, kidney shrinkage is one progress that kidney functioning cells fail to work gradually. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help achieve this goal. With the effects of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and increasing the blood flow into kidneys, this therapy can prompt the restoration of damaged kidney cells and make them refresh again.

Along with a healthy diet plan and lifestyle, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can work better. As long as shrinking kidneys recovers to work, patients’ swelling will disappear naturally.

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