Kidney Shrinkage Symptoms

Kidney shrinkage is a condition that patients kidney size is smaller than the normal size, and if it is not due to Congenital aplasia, it will be caused by long-playing kidney disease. As we can imagine, if most nephrons in patients kidney

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Does Kidney Shrinkage Cause Fatigue

2014-05-11 01:40

Does Kidney Shrinkage Cause FatigueKidney shrinkage is a condition that patient’s kidney size is smaller than the normal size, and if it is not due to Congenital aplasia, it will be caused by long-playing kidney disease. As we can imagine, if most nephrons in patient’s kidney are damaged, patient’s kidney size will shrink gradually.

Patients with shrunk kidney which is caused by kidney disease often have many health problems, among which fatigue will appear in most patients’ body. Patients with kidney shrinkage may have this curiosity: does kidney shrinkage cause fatigue?

Why patients with kidney disease have fatigue?

Fatigue is very common in patients with kidney disease, and anemia is its major cause.

Red cells have the function of transporting oxygen for the metabolism of our body cells, so when patients have anemia, the shortage of red cells will cause patients to have the shortage of oxygen supply to patients’ body tissues.

As a result, that will reduce patients’ metabolism, wich will reduce the energy produced by patients’body cells. Then, patients will feel fatigue.

Does kidney shrinkage cause fatigue?

As we have known, renal patients’ fatigue is due to anemia. So, if renal patients’ fatigue is caused by anemia, does kidney shrinkage cause fatigue?

In fact, the appearance of anemia has close relation to the damage in kidney, and that is why fatigue is often seen in patients with kidney shrinkage.

Kidney has the function of secreting hormones, among which hemopoietin plays a key role in producing red cells. When the nephrons are damaged by kidney disease, they will not be able to secrete hemopoietin normally, and that will reduce the red cells in patient’s body, which will cause anemia and fatigue. Besides, when patient’s kidney function is damaged severely, lots of toxins will accumulate in patient’s body, and some toxins will shorten the living time of red cells, and that will also aggravate patient’s anemia obviously.

Thereby, kidney shrinkage is able to cause patients to have fatigue, even though it is not the direct cause.

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