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My Kidneys Become Smaller than Before: What Does That Mean

2015-07-06 02:01

My Kidneys Become Smaller than Before: What Does That MeanIt is not uncommon that someone is born with smaller kidneys than others. However, if the kidneys are normal at first but become smaller later, you should be concerned. What does that mean? Follow me to find the answer.

What does small kidneys mean?

There are millions of nephrons lying inside the kidneys. Each nephron consists of a knot of minute blood vessels called glomeruli, where filtration of blood occurs.

When those nephrons are damaged or dead, the kidneys become more and more smaller than before. A normal kidney is between 4 and 5 inches in length (about 10 -12 cm). If your kidneys are smaller than this normal range, you are suggested to do tests to find the causes.

What are the causes of kidney shrinkage?

Kidney shrinkage or renal atrophy is a medical condition that is caused by underlying disease or ailment.

Renal diseases, urinary tract obstruction, acute pyelonephritis or any condition that impacts the nephrons function is a negative manner could give rise to renal atrophy. Kidney cyst, kidney stone, renal artery occlusion, reflux nephropathy could all be the contributory factors for renal atrophy.

Renal atrophy might also involve the thinning of renal parenchyma, which is the functioning tissue of the kidney. It could be caused by obstruction of the urinary tract.

Diagnosis and treatment

Sonography and intravenous urography might not always help in the diagnosis, however, imaging procedures such as CT scan and MRI can surely help in the diagnosis of kidney shrinkage (renal atrophy).

Treatment will depend on the extent of damage and the causes of kidney shrinkage.

Medicines may be needed to relieve symptoms such as back pain, proteinuria, painful urination, swelling or high blood pressure, etc. I recommend you to take traditional Chinese medicines because they are natural for kidneys and can solve the underlying problem.

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