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Is There a Natural Remedy to Reverse Kidney Failure

2015-08-18 17:25

Is There a Natural Remedy to Reverse Kidney FailureWhen Kidney Failure occurs, patients naturally think dialysis or kidney transplant as treatment. However, both of these methods may cause some side effects. Is there a natural remedy to revere Kidney Failure?

Is Kidney Failure reversible?

“Revere” means the make the damaged kidney work as normal as before. But it is impossible to reveres Kidney Failure. Damage is damage. We cannot change that. What we can do is to save and improve the remaining kidney function. But the best way for Kidney Failure is neither dialysis nor kidney transplant.

Natural remedies for Kidney Failure

In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we mainly use traditional Chinese herbs which are more natural than dialysis. What’s more, our treatment can solve the underlying problem. The effective ingredients of Chinese herbs can purify the blood and improve kidney function. Therefore, kidneys can filter blood wastes adequately and naturally.

Commonly used herbal remedy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application used on bilateral kidney areas (Shenshu acupoints). By stimulating this point, the effective ingredients of herbs can permeate into kidney lesions directly, with the aid of osmotic device.

Where can patients get Chinese herbs?

Our herbal remedies are the innovations and only available in our hospital. Since the establishment in 1986, we have helped patients from about on hundred countries. If you are interested in trying out treatments, you need to come to China. If you can, send your test report to us at Our doctor on duty can help you analyze it and give you some suggestions related to diet and treatments. The consultation on line is free of charge.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
Please leave the patient's FULL name in case of a duplicate, and to make our doctor give timely response and help.

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?
Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

I have kidney disease, and want to come to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

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