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Can Kidney Failure Patient Avoid Dialysis

2014-12-10 06:48

Can Kidney Failure Patient Avoid DialysisWhen Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) develops into Kidney Failure, or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), dialysis is required. Patients have to depend on this method to filter excess wastes, but they are bothered by the complications. Can Kidney Failure patient avoid dialysis?

There are lots of reports saying that they can help Kidney Failure patients avoid dialysis. This may surprises you, but do you believe that?

To get the answer, you should first know what is dialysis after all?

Function of dialysis

Dialysis is taken to reduce serum creatinine, which is considered as the main function. Just like plasmapheresis, immunosorption and hemofiltration, dialysis is a kind of method to clear up the toxins in the blood. Dialysis focuses on eliminate micromolecular toxins, including creatinine. That’s why dialysis is often suggested when Kidney Failure occurs.

Why do patients depend on dialysis?

“dependence” does not mean patient have to rely on this method. Since dialysis can only help remove toxins but cannot prevent the formation of these harmful substances, patients have to keep on dialysis.

Dialysis works by replacing parts of kidneys’ work. That is to say, dialysis cannot repair damaged renal tissues. Therefore, kidney function is still losing while patients are being on dialysis.

What’s more, dialysis make patients spend most of their time in the hospital, and cost them so much money. In the long run, dialysis is a great burden on the family.

How to avoid dialysis?

To achieve this goal, the target of treatment should be recovering kidney function, that is to say, to stop damages on renal cells. Then, medicines should have the function of eliminating immune complexes, degrading extracellular matrixes, and improving anoxia and ischemia in the kidneys.

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