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Kidney Disease and Amino Acid Tablets

2014-10-18 02:41

Kidney Disease and Amino Acid TabletsKidney disease patients are always required to take a low-protein diet to reduce the burden on kidneys. However, many of the patients thus have a malnutrition or low immunity. Therefore, some kidney disease patients choose amino acid tablets as the supplements of protein.

Benefits of amino acid supplements for kidney disease patients

The forms of amino acid supplements can be fluid or tablets. People who take this is to meet the body’s need of protein, which is sources of energy. Therefore, for kidney disease patients, amino acid supplement is a good choice to help them boost immunity, improve anemia and relieve fatigue.

However, overdose of amino acid is very dangerous.

Side effects of amino acid

When you consume too much amino acid, your body have to convert the excessive by-products into nitrogen and urea. As a result, your kidneys will be burdened to discharge those wastes with urine. At this time, amino acid tablets do nothing but damaging your kidneys.

High protein intake can also acidify your blood.


High intake of amino acid can not only burden your kidneys but also can cause unintended weight gain, as 1 g of protein adds four calories to your diet. Talk to your doctor before changing your protein intake or taking amino acid supplements.


Except therapeutic nutrition, medication is very important. However, you should be very cautious about the choice of medicines, because some are nephrotoxic medicines, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, lisinopril, etc are reported to be dangerous for kidneys.

However, there are some natural treatments you can take. Here, I recommend you to take Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which come from the nature. They have the function of improving blood circulation and kidney function, which is good for the repairing of damaged renal tissues.

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