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Why Not Use Blood Pollution Therapy to Remove the Wastes

2014-08-06 10:22

Why Not Use Blood Pollution Therapy to Remove the WastesWhat treatments have you received to deal with the kidney disease? Medication? Surgery? Dialysis? Kidney Transplant? How do you benefit from these treatment? I have to ask you: Why not use blood pollution therapy to remove the wastes ?

What is Blood Pollution Therapy?

According to decades years of researches, we find that the presence of kidney disease roots in the polluted blood. Blood Pollution Therapy is to treat kidney lesions by purifying the blood.

How is Blood Pollution Therapy created?

Blood in our body is responsible for transporting nutritions and oxygen to the kidney. Kidney is just like a precision filter to purify the blood passing though it by isolating excessive water, inorganic salt, urea and other wastes.

However, when harmful substances such as inflammatory factors and immune complexes attack blood circulation, less and less nutrition and oxygen can be transported to kidney cells, leading to kidney damage. Then, kidneys can’t work adequately to cleanse blood adequately. As a result, blood circulation and kidney falls into a vicious circle.

How dose Blood Pollution Therapy remove wastes?

There are several steps in the process of this therapy. You can see as follows:

1. Combine different blood purification methods to purify blood

In this process, immunoadsorption, plasmapheresis, hemofiltration and hemoperfusion (HP), etc, may be used according to the patient’s specific condition.

2. Supply elements to blood

Kidney experts will determine which elements should be added into the patient’s blood to improve the immune ability.

After the above two processes, the patient’s blood circulation can be normalized successfully, thus providing a good basis for the following treatment.

3. Rebuild kidney function

The key point of this process is to recover the kidney function, depending on the kidney inherent cells’ self-curative ability and enough nutritions and oxygen supplied by normal blood circulation.

In addition, this process is aimed at making sure the blood won’t be unhealthy again, and the various kinds of normal operating mechanism won’t be damaged, in order to pave a good way for the repair of the injured renal inherent cells.

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