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Massage Points for Renal Failure

2014-06-16 08:17

Massage Points for Renal FailureThe kidney’s health is very important for the whole body. However, nowadays, with the rapid pace of life, people are always in a state of pressure and eating irregularly. As a result, their kidneys are damaged. As for the treatment of kidney disease, apart from medicines and diet, massage is an effective way. If you know the massage points, you can take care of your kidneys anywhere. Here I would like to share with you some knowledge about that.

- The center of the feet

According to traditional Chinese medicine theories, it is called Yongquan point. Always massaging this point can let the energy flows smoothly so that the wastes and toxins can be removed fluently. At the same time, through compressing this point, many symptoms such as dizziness, sleeplessness, tinnitus and headache can be relieved.

Steps: Before you go to sleep, soak the foot in warm water. Then, rub your hands to make them warm, either. Use your left palm to massage the right foot center and vice versa.

- Aerobic exercise

Step: Sit up with your two legs naturally fall. Firstly, turn around slightly to 3-5 times. Secondly, swing your feet forward 10 times, and you can increase or reduce the time based on your physical condition. When you do this, you should do it naturally and softly. This movement can enhance your kidney and back.

- Massage of your kidney area

Rub your hands till they feel warm. Then, put your hands on your kidney area, which is called Shenshu point. Use your hands rub this point. Do this in the morning and at night with 200 times.

These massage points are easy to find, so you can do it anywhere. If you can stick to it, you can benefit from this massage sooner or later. Any questions, you can leave a message below.

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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