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Causes and Treatment for Uremia with Creatinine 11

2015-03-07 06:59

Causes and Treatment for Uremia with Creatinine 11Uremia, also called “Kidney Failure” or “Renal Failure” means the kidneys have failed to eliminate wastes like urea and creatinine. What are the causes and treatment for uremia with creatinine 11?

Causes of uremia and creatinine 11

Conditions causing increase blood urea fall into three categories:

-Prerenal: Conditions like hypotension, congestive heart failure, shock, hemorrhage and dehydration, causing decreased blood volume to the kidneys and increasing blood urea level.

-Renal: This include Chronic Kidney Failure, acute and chronic glomerular nephritis or other renal diseases.

-Post renal causes: It can be due to decreased elimination of urea such as obstructive urinary tract or a severe infection.

Creatinine is a kind of waste produced after muscle metabolism and is discharged by kidneys. Creatinine 11 means the kidneys have been severely damaged and patients are at Kidney Failure.


Traditional treatment for uremia and creatinine are dialysis and kidney transplant. Dialysis can remove parts of wastes and toxins in the blood, but it cannot repair the damaged renal tissues. Once dialysis fails, kidney transplant is required. However, kidney transplant is such an expensive surgery and may make people wait for a long time. What if there are some natural treatment that can help patients avoid kidney transplant and reduce dialysis? Fortunately, we do have some new treatment for uremia and creatinine 11.

-Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Having been used for centuries, TCM has its own significant effect on improving kidney function through speeding up blood circulation to provide the kidneys enough oxygen and blood volume. We innovate Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy and Medicated Bath, etc to support this treatment.

-Stem Cell Therapy

As a new treatment for uremia and creatinine, this therapy won’t let you down. Stem cells are called “universal cells” so that they can differentiate into renal tissues and blood cells, so as to restore the kidney functioning structure. As long as kidney function can be improved, blood urea and creatinine can be excreted effectively.

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