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Kidney Failure With Fluid on the Lungs

2014-11-09 07:32

Kidney Failure With Fluid on the LungsThe condition where too much fluid builds up in the lungs is called “ pulmonary edema”. It is not rare in Kidney Failure patients. Let’s learn about its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Causes pulmonary edema

Kidney Failure or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) means the kidneys have been severely damaged, failing to keep water and electrolyte balance. As a result, large amounts of fluid accumulate in many parts of the body. Generally, edema occurs on the face, hands, legs or ankles. Fluid on the lungs is a more serious condition that can lead to many symptoms.

In addition, Aspirin overdose or chronic high dose use of aspirin can lead to aspirin intoxication, especially in the elderly, which may cause pulmonary edema.

Symptoms of fluid in the lungs

♦ Shortness of breath or breathlessness. This problem can slowly develop or suddenly occur.

♦ Fatigue

♦ Dizziness

♦ Weakness

♦ Hypoxia (low oxygen level in the blood)

Treatments to remove excessive fluid in the lungs

The above paragraphs have listed some reasons, so these factors should be considered before taking any treatment.

♦ Water pills. They are also called diuretics which are prescribed for increasing urine output so that excessive fluid can be removed. However, when pulmonary edema is more severe it is not responsive to oral medications, then hospitalization is recommended.

♦ Reduce the dosage of certain medicines that will cause more kidney damage such as aspirin.

♦ Oxygen supplementation. It is necessary if the measured oxygen level in the blood is too low. In serious conditions, such as ARDS, placing a patient on a mechanical breathing machine may be also necessary.

Dialysis. Dialysis is a fast method to replace part of the kidney’s work to remove excessive fluid and toxins.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This natural treatment brings hope for Kidney Failure patients because it can treat kidney disease with improving kidney function, which is the key of treatments.

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