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Kidney Failure and Pale Skin

2014-07-25 01:23

Kidney Failure and Pale SkinKidney Failure is not an independent disease but a result of various problems which progress into the end stage. During the progression, many systems and organs are affected, resulting in many symptoms. How does pale skin occur in Kidney Failure and what is the treatment?

Cause of pale skin in Kidney Failure

For patients with Kidney Failure, their kidneys have lost more than 85% of the function. Many wastes and toxins will accumulate in the kidneys and will be carried to other parts of the body with blood circulation. As a result, many symptoms occur, and anemia is one of the common symptoms. That’s the reason why patients with a Kidney Failure have pale skin. However, why does anemia occur in Kidney Failure? There are several factors such as:

1. Malnutrition

Many patients with Kidney Failure have gastrointestinal tract problems like poor appetite, nauseas, vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, patients cannot gain energy from diet. A long term malnutrition lead to anemia and pale skin.

2. EPO (erythropoietin) deficiency

EPO, a hormone produced by kidneys, is vey important for generation of red blood cells. As you know, for Kidney Failure patients, their kidneys have been severely damaged and the kidneys cannot produce enough EPO. Now, you must understand why pale skin occurs in Kidney Failure patients.

Except pale skin, they may also have other skin problems such as itchy skin, dry skin and rashes.

Treatment of pale skin in Kidney Failure patients

Since anemia is the direct cause of pale skin, you should take measures to improve that. In that case, you can take some supplements of iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. Besides, giving EPO injections usually improves the anemia. However, all those methods cannot solve the underlying problem, namely, damaged kidneys. Treatment should aim at not only relieving symptoms but also improving kidney function.

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