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How Does Kidney Failure Cause Hypoglycemia

2014-07-16 09:25

How Does Kidney Failure Cause HypoglycemiaEnd Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or kidney failure is the worst result of chronic kidney disease. People with end stage renal disease will experience many symptoms. Hypoglycemia is not rare. How does it happen? What symptoms will I have? How to prevent hypoglycemia? I will explain you item by item.

How does hypoglycemia occur in kidney failure?

In our body, the liver, hormones and nervous system are the adjuster of blood sugar level. Insulin is the most important hormone that can low the blood sugar level. Insulin is cleared and dissolved in the kidneys. In the end stage of renal disease, the kidneys have been severely damaged, so they fail to inactivate the insulin, resulting in low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia).

What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia?

Some of the symptoms of low blood sugar include the following:





·Feeling shaky

·Feeling hungry

·Feeling anxious or nervous

·Feeling cranky


·Blurry or double vision

·Rapid or pounding heartbeat

Some people with low blood sugar may not always experience these symptoms. If the sugar level falls too low, a person can sometimes faint, have a seizure or go into a coma.

How to prevent hypoglycemia?

·Eat on a regular basis and follow the meal plan prescribed by the doctor and renal dietitian.

·Follow a “sick day eating” guideline when you don’t feel like eating.

·Check blood sugar levels regularly.

·Take the recommended dosage of diabetes medicine at the recommended time.

·Don’t drink alcohol without eating food. Have no more than one or two drinks.

Those above methods cannot prevent low blood sugar level from the root, namely, damaged kidney function. For patients with end stage renal disease, they are always recommended to take dialysis to prolong the life span. However, dialysis is known as “artificial kidney”, because it is to cleat the blood by removing wastes and toxins. That is to say, during the process, the kidneys are not working. After a long term of dialysis, the kidneys will lose more functions. Therefore, symptoms due to kidney failure cannot be prevented without improving kidney function.

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