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Is Vertigo Common in Renal Failure Patients

2014-07-14 07:32

Is Vertigo Common in Renal Failure PatientsVertigo or dizziness is very common in renal failure patients. For those patients in the end stage of renal disease, their kidneys have lost more than 85% of the function, resulting in many symptoms and complications. If you have a good understanding of it, you will know how to relieve or prevent it from happening.

What renal failure patients have vertigo?

1. Anemia

This is the most common cause of vertigo in both renal failure patients and healthy persons. When they are in the stage of renal failure, their kidneys fails to produce enough EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone that is very important for the generation of red blood cells. Red blood cells are the carrier of oxygen for every tissues and organs of our body. When the brain lacks of oxygen, patients will feel vertiginous.

2. Abnormal level of potassium

Another function of kidneys is maintaining the electrolyte balance. When the potassium in the blood becomes abnormal, it will affect the muscles and nerves, and then patients may experience depression, sleepiness and the bad memory and drop of directive force, etc. Vertigo is also one the results.

3. Damage on nerve systems

Renal failure patients are prone to have nerve problems since the wastes and toxins accumulate in the body with blood circulation. Those harmful substance thereby cause nerve damages, and then patients have vertigo.

How to relieve vertigo in renal failure patients?

You have known the causes of vertigo in renal failure, you can take corresponding treatments to relieve that problem. However, except kidney disease, there may be some other reasons why patients feel vertiginous. For example, tiredness and malnutrition will be easy to lead to vertigo. To relieve vertigo, patients on one hand should take methods to improve kidney function. On the other hand, keeping a healthy diet and developing a good life habit are also very essential.

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