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Hints to Save Hair Due to Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-06-08 02:10

Hints to Save Hair Due to Stage 4 Kidney FailureIn Stage 4 Kidney Failure, the kidney function has lost 70%-85% with a high creatinine level and decreased GFR (glomerular filtration rate). As you know, kidney disease can cause many visible symptoms like itch skin, weight, nail changes and hair loss. Therefore, this article is written to provide some hints to save hair due to Stage 4 Kidney Disease.

First of all, I think you should know the reasons why hair loss occurs in Stage 4 Kidney Failure. Malnutrition, lack of water, mineral imbalance or medicines are all the possible factors. You can have a test or talk with your doctor to find the cause. However, most of the patients have hair loss due to Stage 4 Kidney Failure just because the reduced kidney function. Therefore, in the next paragraphs I list some hints to save hair by enhancing the kidneys.

1. Replenish your kidney essence with herbal supplements such as He Shou Wu (Foti). Other effective supplements are Lycium and Cuscuta seed.

2. Consider Acupuncture treatment to unlock your kidney meridians (energy pathway) and correct your kidney deficiency as well as treat your hair loss. The acupuncturist may correct the problem with acupuncture treatments alone or use a combination of acupuncture and herbs.

3. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Vegetables will provide the needed nutritions and minerals for hair growth and take the load off the kidneys. Preferably, stir-fry your vegetables in olive oil. According to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), eating too many cold foods can add stress to the spleen and lead to an energy imbalance.

4. Walk regularly to promote blood circulation to your organs and the scalp, which will keep the chi body energy) flowing smoothly and restore balance. Moxibustion therapy (involves the burning of wormwood) is also effective in restoring the energy balance.

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